About Drug Law Reform Australia

Drug Law Reform Australia exists to raise awareness of the ongoing harm being done to our young people, families, democratic institutions and Australian society in general, by the current harm maximising drug laws.

We recognise that drug use can be dangerous and that problematic drug use is a health concern, however, criminalising drug users causes more harm than good. 

For better or for worse

The fact is drugs are part of Australian life. Millions of Australians drink alcohol regularly, for better or worse. Millions of Australians smoke cigarettes, for better or worse. Millions of Australians have been prescribed anti-depressants just to get through the day, for better or worse. Even our children are being prescribed Ritalin and other drugs to modify their ‘anti-social’ behaviour, for better or worse.

Whatever the reason, why is it that some drugs are regulated, controlled, taxed and freely available to those over 18 years of age, and some aren’t?

Drug prohibition criminalises ordinary Australians

Why is it that more than 2 million Australians are technically criminals because they smoke cannabis, instead of drinking alcohol?

Why is it OK that some drugs are legal, regulated, controlled,  taxed and available to those over 18 years of age and yet others are made illegal and the people that use them criminals?

At Drug Law Reform Australia, we believe that these vitally important issues don't get anywhere near the attention they deserve from our lawmakers.

Our aim is to reinvigorate the drug policy debate and put drug law reform back on the political agenda. 

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  • commented 2016-12-19 09:59:06 +1100 · Flag
    the product needs to be legalised for use in australia by all australians that can make this choice for them selves
    it can be used for medical use on cancer and emphysema patients as wll as having many other uses it can reduce the hard drug issue related to nerve medications if medically treated and pharmacies are allowed to transform the plant matter into a usable substance for all persons
    it can be used to reduce the tax threshold and reduce the crime rate of many homes especially legalised will reduce the cost to many persons consuming the product
    and the best item of all it shall reduce the cost to tax payers with the police needing to take out drug raids in t he areas where it is produced
    lets role u[p and satte our wishes as free australians
  • commented 2016-11-26 23:38:30 +1100 · Flag
    Cannabis is the oldest plant on earth it premordial its a medicine if used correctly I would hate to see the multicorporate drug companies get a hold of it just as the bikies have an turn it was into a commodity where drugs and guns go together because of the pursuit of money we should bevable to grow it in our vegie gardens I won’t to see it legalised so isn’t attractive to stand over gangsters they have taken pot away from hippies and given it bad karma you can’t buy pot easily these days unless you want to deal with nasties especially as a woman
  • commented 2016-09-22 10:24:16 +1000 · Flag
    HIGH ON LIFE is a social campaign promoting the safe use of recreational drugs and alcohol consumptions in Australia.

    We understand that Australia has a binge-drinkng and drug taking cultural problem spurred on by Australia’s current drug and alcohol laws that are dated and do more harm then good.

    We are campaigning for education on the safe use of drugs and promoting for a change in Australian youths attitudes towards binge drinking.

    There is a clear generational problem between the individuals who take drugs and attend events and the people in power who make the laws.
    We want the general public to start talking abut the problem, which will lead to more understanding and EFFECTIVE solutions.

    Help us promote a safer drug and alcohol consumption environment and lets open the conversation to make SUCCESSFUL AND EFFECTIVE DEVELOPMENTS

    Find us on Facebook:

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    And Follow the blog:

  • commented 2016-09-11 09:14:11 +1000 · Flag
    Many states of the USA have decriminalised cannabis and post event reviews have been positive. Not only has the economy of these states improved dramatically but so has their society. Resources wasted on unnecessary law enforcement is freed up. The insanity of the US led prohibition has brought about much damage to our society. Slowly we chip away at reactionary policies which are driven by conservative fear campaigns.
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  • commented 2016-06-30 11:44:25 +1000 · Flag
    Drug prohibition, criminalization, etc. Where do I start with commenting on this insanity – I will keep it short as its actually a book worth of info

    Oh yes a case study –
    1920’s alcohol prohibition war USA. One of the greatest war crimes against the American people to that date- perpetuated by their “elected” representatives. Check it out – it

    Those hypocrites can spin as much BS as they like about our safety and the fabric of society but they can’t hide the blindingly obvious I.E. There are massive corporations that own and direct the government and medical industry. They run the AMA – not the doctors.

    The only reason drugs are really kept illegal is simple – to make them more valuable than gold – in more ways than one .

    1) All that illegal drug money (and there is A LOT!!) has to be laundered – through casinos – which pay HUGE state tax = state revenue = the Golden Hen.

    2) Pharmaceutical companies have a huge vested interest in ensuring that drugs and medicines you can freely grow and use to treat a vast number of medical conditions stay illegal and therefore unavailable – unless they control production and distribution.

    3) Money and assets from drug seizures is significant, and offsets the ridiculous money spent on this “drug war”. Law bodies use these busts to get more government funding for their efforts, and in turn the correctional system holds its hand for funding to accommodate the influx of victims they are paid to further victimise.

    4) Corruption is alive and well – and Oh so lucrative. Icing on the cake! – Cake is much tastier with Icing.

    So there you have it.
    Illegal drugs are a problem because of Criminal elements in control of this industry- NOT because of the substance.

    They sell Ice because it is the ideal business model. Cheap and easy to make, has a great street price, and it is SO habit forming – Eldorado – a license to print money – courtesy of the government !

    If Ice is worthless however – no one will be interested in aggressively pushing it into society as a money mining mechanism – problem managed.

    If ALL drugs were controlled by government and virtually FREE then they are and made virtually worthless. The current businesses involved in these substances will lose all motivation to continue business in this arena and find something more worthwhile.

    Anyway tell all your friends to get behind this in election 2016 and lets END THIS WAR and free its victims US !

    Thanks I will pray this insanity changes this year and we get some peace. You get my vote
  • commented 2016-06-27 11:45:21 +1000 · Flag
    You got my vote. 👍
  • commented 2016-06-08 20:47:34 +1000 · Flag
    I’ve only just discovered the Drug Law Reform Australia Party today and want to say a big “thank you” to Greg Chipp for starting this party.

    I’ve always intuitively felt that prohibition has caused more problems than it’s resolved and the more I’ve researched it, the more my intuition has been validated.

    My biggest concerns with prohibition:

    -it treats people with addictions as low-life criminals rather than acknowledging them as human beings suffering with a health problem that are in need of compassion and support, which makes recovery far less attainable for them and increases their chances of dealing drugs themselves to get by.

    -all drugs carry an element of risk so it’s vital that they are regulated to make them as safe for the communities as possible.

    -whilst drugs are illegal, they create a black market and criminal gangs that control the supplies, which are ever evolving to be more and more violent so that they can maintain control of the supply.

    -whilst drugs are in the hands of violent, criminal gangs, the drug supplies will continue to become more potent, more dangerous (i.e. unknown compounds) and more readily available to children and young people, as well as other vulnerable groups of people in society (e.g. the homeless).

    -these violent gangs grow into such large and well resourced organised crime operations that they become way too influential over other legitimate systems in our societies. This opens up the potential for corruption at every corner.

    -prohibition started for flawed and racist political reasons. There were many misconceptions about drugs themselves at the time when prohibition began.

    -the money being spent on this unachievable goal of eradicating drugs could be better spent on recovery or other welfare issues (e.g investing more in the already under-resourced hospitals).

    -the police time being spent on fighting the drug war could be better spent on other problematic areas of society (e.g. domestic violence).

    -prohibition is the controversial idea, not drug decriminalisation and legalisation, as prohibition leads to a dangerous and harmful world that creates cycles of despair and destruction. Decriminalisation and legalisation of drugs would lead to a less violent and more predictable life with better health outcomes.

    I’m a social worker by day, but it’s my life’s mission to see an end to prohibition and I’m willing to do whatever it takes for our politicians to see reason in why it’s so important for us to end prohibition as soon as possible.

    Thanks again for starting the Drug Law Reform Australia Party. I look forward to hearing from more from like-minded people.

  • commented 2016-05-21 08:47:06 +1000 · Flag
    I love the free Cannabis campaign. Good Luck and I reckon you guys will get elected.
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