Introducing our new logo for the July 2 Federal Election

free.pngDrug Law Reform Australia is pleased to unveil our new ballot paper logo.

The combination of the positive action word FREE with the instantly recognisable Cannabis leaf will not only be attractive to the 10% of Australian's who use cannabis regularly but also those who support medical cannabis and civil liberties.

Yes, Drug Law Reform Australia's message is about much more than Cannabis reform but we believe Cannabis use for medicinal and recreational use is a good starting point for the discussion about drug law reform.

We need your help to promote this logo in the next 8 weeks and on Election Day around polling booths!

The 2016 election date is set for the 2nd of July and it'll be a doozy for a few reasons.

Firstly, because it will be a double dissolution full Senate election.

Secondly, the government has changed the Senate voting system limiting the ability of minor parties to trade preferences but significantly allowing parties to identify themselves or their cause on the ballot paper with a logo.

This opportunity for Drug Law Reform Australia to advertise inside the polling booth is significant because it removes the advantage major parties have of strong brand recognition.

Drug Law Reform Australia remembers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran

Australia remembers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran

Let us not forget that it is one year since two young Australians; Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed on the 29th April 2015. In an act of state-sanctioned barbarism, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed before a firing squad. This was despite the fact that evidence shows that corporal punishment does not provide a disincentive to committing drug offenses.

This tragic event reminds us why the Drug Law Reform party exists – to challenge the hypocritical and ingrained prejudice and negative attitudes towards people that use drugs.

 Why we need your help

Australia needs new strategic drug laws that prioritises human rights and take a health approach. 50 years of punitive drug laws have exacerbated the illegal drug problem

  • 50 years of avoidable arrests and unnecessary criminal convictions and lives ruined.
  • 50 years of putting the public and police at risk to uphold laws that are out of step with Australian values.
  • 50 years of money and resources wasted on the wrong approach.

Want to get involved with Drug Law Reform Australia's campaign?

 We are interested in hearing from any of our members who would like to take a more active part in helping with our election campaign by volunteering their time in areas such as website development, social media, or writing articles.

If you would like to volunteer, please following this link.

Donate to Drug Law Reform Australia's latest election campaign.

Please consider making a donation of any amount that you can afford to Drug Law Reform Australia.  We need donations to fund a poster campaign featuring our new logo and to advertise on Facebook so we can maximise the brand awareness on Election Day.

Australian taxpayers are able to claim up to $1,500 in donations to a political party as a tax deduction.

Please click here to make a donation.

Other ways to help us?

Help us raise our profile by telling your family and friends about Drug Law Reform Australia.

Like us on Facebook and please like and share our posts.

Help us help you by making drug law reform an election issue this election.

Become a Member

Paid members are able to vote at General Meetings of the Drug Law Reform Australia and are essential to our financial viability and ongoing sustainability. To help our election efforts please renew your membership, if you have not already done so.

Members can renew or upgrade their membership at the following rates:

$50 for those who are employed.

$25 for those who are unemployed, on a pension, or are students.

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More articles of interest:

UNGASS 2016 - More of the Same

UNGASS 2016 - more of the same

It was hoped that the 2016 United Nations meeting on the "world's drug problems" at UNGASS would be a watershed moment in global drug policy but unfortunately and somewhat predictably - this was not to be.

Instead UNGASS confirmed support for the three UN drug control conventions, which are the cornerstone the world's drug prohibition policies and also reaffirmed the 2009 Political Declaration on the World Drug Problem which fails to distinguish between drug use and drug abuse, excludes alcohol from the treaties and affirms the delusionary call to "eventually eliminate the availability and use of illicit drugs and psychotropic substances in order to ensure the health and welfare of humankind".

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome"

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