I've Lost Several Loved Ones to Heroin

This true story was submitted by someone who found us on Facebook. I thought it was worth telling for the thousands of other untold stories about how the drug prohibition harms us all. Greg Chipp

While under the influence of this drug these wonderful people often did horrendous things. I am not for one minute suggesting that any of this is OK or that it should be tolerated. What I am suggesting is that the current legal system is not preventing it from happening. The system is broken and it is failing us. Therefore I am suggesting that it needs to be fixed.

Drug related deaths and crimes need to be addressed in a way that effects change for the better.

Rational change to drug laws would result in better treatment and outcomes for the users of "hard" drugs like heroin, cocaine, ice etc. These changes would also alleviate an enormous amount of the social and financial burden associated with this type of drug use. Both society and the individual stand to benefit.

I have other loved ones live in fear as they self medicate by smoking a bit of weed - personal use in their own homes is their only "criminal" activity and yet they stand to lose so much.

I lost my beautiful mother to cancer on 14th April, 2015. When faced with her own mortality mum began to suffer terrible anxiety and panic attacks. When she went to her doctor and asked for Valium or Xanax the doctor refused her due to the high risk of forming an addiction with that type of medication. I kid you not. This doctor was aware that mum had less than a year to live at that point in time. Loved ones offered to supply mum with marijuana to help with the anxiety as well as many of the other cruel symptoms of her disease. Mum refused as she didn't want to break the law and didn't want anyone else breaking it on her behalf. So she suffered the full force of horrific symptoms that the cancer unleashed, right to the bitter end.

Allowing the legal use of cannabis is nothing short of merciful in a whole plethora of instances.

For many drug users their introduction to crime comes from the contacts they make buying the drugs. Our current drug laws create a gateway to crime and criminal activity. A gateway that is far more powerful and destructive than any drug. Both society and the individual lose out under the current scenario. Ending prohibition is about harm minimisation. Much the same as the safe sex message. We can't stop people using drugs any more than we can stop them having sex.

Let's focus on achieving law reform that protects and benefits not only the individual but our society as a whole. Let's implement laws that achieve better outcomes than we are currently experiencing.

These are my thoughts.

I'm asking you to please consider what the Drug Law Reform (Free Cannabis) Party has to say before voting in the upcoming election.

I have no formal association with this political party but I do believe in what they stand for.

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