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Greg Chipp talks about Drug Law Reform

Greg Chipp, Convenor and Victorian Senate Candidate for Drug Law Reform Australia talks with Janine Perrett on Sky news about his own cannabis use and why started the Party.

Greg Chipp speaks to students at Harms of Prohibition Forum

Greg Chipp, speaking to students at Victoria University about the Harms of Prohibition.

The opportunity cost of enforcing the drug prohibition is the hospitals, education and rehabilitation services that we forgo. 

We live in a world of limited resources and every dollar we spend as a society on enforcing this prohibition comes directly out of the utopia we could create if we taxed this $7 billion dollar market.

See if you agree with what Greg says in this short clip.

Greg talks about the dangers of drugs verses the dangers of prohibition in this short clip.

Greg Chipp speaking at the 420 Legalise Marijuana Rally in Melbourne.

Greg Chipp Speaking at the launch of the Drug Law Reform Political Party on the 3rd March 2013

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    Greg Chipp talks about why he founded the Party and the need to legitimise the drug law Reform discussion in Australia.
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    TY :)