NSW Senate Candidates

miles-hunt2.jpgMiles Hunt 

Miles was born in Sydney 31 years ago. He attended Macquarie University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) and a Bachelor of Laws.

He was admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW as a solicitor in 2008 and began practicing as a personal injury lawyer.

He is currently a partner in a mixed-practice law firm which he set up with his friend in 2010.

The practice is in Sydney City and Miles provides ongoing legal services in the areas of personal injury, employment and Industrial law, criminal law and medical-related law. He has travelled extensively throughout South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

He is an amateur comedian who performs regularly at clubs in and around Sydney, often telling stories from his life.

Miles has written and published three books on his life experiences and travels and is a keen reader and writer. Miles believes strongly in legalisation, regulation and taxation of drugs and is committed to implementing this change in Australia.

He has been interested in politics for much of his life and believes in the merits of this cause, particularly the health, economic and social benefits that legalisation provides.

Miles is the lead Senate candidate for Drug Law Reform Australia in NSW and is a real chance win the 6th senate seat on preferences.

Miles can be contacted on 0402 621 671 or emailed at miles@druglawreform.com.au.


Tony Trimingham - Order of Australia Medal

Tony Trimingham

Tony Trimingham discovered his 22-year-old son Damien was a heroin addict in 1996.

Damien had a full-time managerial job, a busy social life and often expressed negative views about hard drugs.

Tony's reaction to the news was a mixture of guilt, blame, fear, grief, anger and confusion - plus a determination to "fix the problem".

He packed Damien off to detox at his daughter's home in the Blue Mountains without realising the dangerous relapsing nature of addiction. Damien died a mere eight months later - a tragic, preventable death that became the impetus for Tony to become one of Australia's most vocal anti-drug campaigners.

If Australia had a policy based on education, reason and compassion Damien story could have ended differently.

But that is just the start of Tony’s story who went on to found Family Drug Support, a charity offering support to families dealing with the addition of a loved one.

Family Drug Support provides referral and support for those coping with a family’s members drug addiction or death, and offers a course for families called Stepping Stones to Success and runs a 24-hour help line.

Tony’s remarkable achievement was recognised by receiving Medal of the Order of Australia.

Tony Trimingham as the CEO of said today “when we started Family Drug Support 16 years ago, heroin was the major issue for families.  Today the drugs that are causing harm may have changed with increased use of stimulants and synthetic drugs but the basic problems of successive government drug policy remain the same”.

Over this time there has been little change in policy which is why I am standing as a candidate for Drug Law Reform Australia in the Senate. I won’t stop until this problem is fixed.

Tony can be contacted at Tony@druglawreform.com.au