NSW Senate Team

Ray Thorpe NSW Drug Law Reform Senate Candidate

Ray Thorpe

Ray Thorpe is a successful entrepreneur and founder of the Happy Herb Company. He has long been a very passionate advocate for drug law reform, particularly in relation to plants and opened his first Happy High Herbs shop in Nimbin over 23 years ago and now runs a franchise network at 40 locations in Australia and the US.

The current drug reality in Australia is one where alcohol, tobacco and other drugs of unknown and potentially dangerous quality are consumed on a massive scale every weekend and violent criminal gangs continue to make huge profits from illegal drug markets.

Drug policy experts and institutions around the world now concur that prohibition is an untenable and harmful policy approach.

However, for various political and economic reasons, vested interests continue their efforts to control and restrict people's innate tendency to seek alteration of mood and indeed to suppress the use of plants in a multitude of ways.

With this in mind, drug law reform has been a central aspect of Ray Thorpe's mission over the years and his vision for the future is of a properly informed public, with legally regulated access to safe non-habit-forming plants for use in medicinal or personal recreational reasons

Ray can be contacted at ray@druglawreform.com.au


Stacey Dowson NSW Drug Law Reform Senate Candidate

Stacey Dowson

Stacey Dowson is the principal director and lawyer at Dowson Turco Lawyers, and she has seen firsthand the damage a charge of drug possession can have on a person who has otherwise never been in contact with police.

She was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW in 1996 and has practised in a broad range of areas including the community sector and more recently in private practice. Stacey represented the two men in the 'No War on the Opera House' case.

Stacey is passionate about drug law reform, both as a lawyer and also generally as a member of the public. She frequently reminds her clients who have been charged with drug possession that her firm would prefer to make its money elsewhere. Indeed, her lawyers who represent such clients often make representations as to the triviality and victim-less nature of drug possession offences. 

Stacey is proud to be a member of the gay and lesbian community of Sydney and is a passionate advocate of gay and lesbian equal rights, and women's rights more broadly. Stacey is adamant the drug laws need urgent reform as she sees how the current laws and government approach to drugs adversely and disproportionately impact on the gay and lesbian community.

Stacey can be contacted at stacey@druglawreform.com.au


House of Representative Candidates

Chris-HindiChris Hindi Candidate for Grayndler

Chris is a passionate cannabis activist with a genuine care for those in need.

As the founder of the grassroots activist group; "Free Cannabis NSW" and "Free Cannabis Queensland", Chris has organised community picnics and rallies that aim to advance the cause and raise the communities awareness about the need to change drug laws and end the persecution of people who use cannabis.

Having a background in business and over ten years' experience in the telecommunications small business market, Chris became involved in drug law reform after witnessing the negative effects Prohibition was having on the individuals and families around him and the impact on the community.

Chris joins Drug Law Reform Australia to highlight the need for community consultation & encourage an honest and open discussion around cannabis use and the real need for legislative change.


Karen BurgeKaren Burge candidate for Newcastle


Hi, I'm Karen Burge and I am standing as a candidate for Drug Law Reform Australia to free cannabis from the shackle of an unjustified prohibition on it use.

Scientists now confirm that cannabis - a plant that has been used as food and medicine for thousands of years is one of the most important vegetables on the planet. We have been put on notice that cannabis is a must in our staple diet if we hope to fight the disease epidemic associated with modern lifestyles.

I have done my own extensive study on the health benefits of Cannabis and its practical use as an herbal medicine and food concentrate and have witnessed thousands of successful testimonies from people who have received benefits from the consumption of cannabis.  

People are achieving great results, with pain relief and a better quality of life but still they live in fear of being prosecuted. Under the current laws growing and/or making their own cannabis medicine is illegal.

For this reason, I'm calling for an immediate amnesty on the therapeutic use of cannabis. To protect patients and carer's who are currently being forced to break the law. This includes the elderly people in our nursing homes, the sick in our hospitals and our children.

All Australians should have the legal right to improve their health and quality of life by consuming Cannabis foods and products, without fear of prosecution.

You can be part of the solution by voting for Drug Law Reform Australia.

Help us help you.

Karen can be contacted at karen@druglawreform.com.au